Beaches of Skiathos


This is most famous beach of Skiathos and one of the most widely - known beaches in Europe. It is known as "Chrisi Ammos - Golden Sand" since the sand there is extremely fine and shines under the summer sun.



This bay was originally called Krassa, but later it was named Banana after the nudist beach which used to be there. The pine trees here complete the beautiful landscape in a unique way and the sea shines brilliantly under the blazing sun. If you decide to go to Banana by bus, be prepared to walk for a while from the nearest bus stop.


Agia Eleni

The bay of Agia Eleni is named after the little country church found there and is dedicated to Saint Helen, opening its arms to the setting of the sun and the west. The sun shines until very late so if  you swim there, you will enjoy even its last rays.



In this area there are three magnificent bays: the port of Xerxes, the bay Elia and Angistros. The landscape here changes as we move to the north and it becomes more wild and more impressive.All these three bays are magnificent and impressive since you can see no land. To reach these bays by road, you have to move in deeply through a lovely forest of pine-trees on sandly ground.



It is a bay which opens up to the north and from which no land can be seen. Although it is considered a sandy beach, it does not look like the calm beaches of southern Skiathos. Here the sand is thicker, there are many pebbles and the waters are quite deep and crystal clear. The impressive landscape is magnificent. When there are northern winds, there are waves in the sea and this can make your swim more fun.



The bay of Kechria and the adjacent bay of Lygaries are situated in the north of the island. The trip there is worthwhile even though a lot of it is on dirt road. You can get there by boat as well. The waters are crystal-clear exposed to the northern winds and the sand is superb.



This lovely beach is situated on the northern tip of the island, under the old medieval city of Skiathos. The combination of a swim in the bluish transparent waters and a visit to the old city of Kastro is a unique experience you must not miss while you are in Skiathos.



Lalaria is one of the nicest and most picturesque beaches of Greece and it is situated on the northeastern tip of the island. The northern winds fall with rage on the steep purely white cliffs, towering impressively over the sea. There winds have been creating for millions of years the round, white pebbles called "lalaria" which cover the whole beach.



Right under the monastery of Evagelismos, the visitor sees the beach of Lechouni. According to tradition, it is said that the hero of the Revolution of 1821, Nikotsaras, is buried here. The landscape is rocky with white pebbles on the beach and a wild natural beauty.



It is an area on the northeastern coast of the island with three beaches of unparalleled beauty. They are not sandy but are covered by thick pebbles. The waters are lucid and cool. The view is magnificent since these beaches are located exactly opposite Skopelos.


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